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6 Ways to Look Professional and Sexy

Career women can have the perfect blend of sleek and sexy. Choosing the right hairstyle will create an aura that radiates confidence and power.

Being the most trusted and best hair salon in Coral Gables, Miami, we take it upon ourselves as a duty to help women to shine in their professional challenges.

Here are 6 incredibly amazing tricks for career women:

Tiger Eye Charm

Tiger Eye Charm in Miami

Trendy hair color technique that involves blending dark shades to create soft highlighting. Visit us and let our team of color experts at Avalon Salon in Coral Gables give you a wonderful transformation!

Razor Sharp

Katy Perry’s sassy and loud razor sharp pixie cut has made all the right beauty headlines with its voguish boldness. Needless to say, this super-short hairdo has become the hottest trend to channel your feminine goddess with a powerful masculine charisma.

Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob in Miami - Avalon

From Taraji Henson to our most adored fashion goddess, Bad Gal Riri, all the powerful women in America have embraced the sharp and sleek boldness of a chic blunt bob. Not only is this the most effortless hairstyle known to womankind, but also, it allows you to convey an attitude that is naughty and smart.

The ‘Miranda Priestly’ Look

Meryl Streep’s impersonation of the career women Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada is simply the best impersonation of a powerful lady boss who commands attention with a simple nod of the head. Her ultra-chic neck-grazing bob is an insanely classy statement, paired with a heavy fringe that artfully grazes the forehead.

French & Neat

If you’re in the fashion industry, you simply have to idolize the timeless chicness of Anna Wintour. Her classy shoulder grazing bob with a heavy fringe covering up the forehead conveys a sharp and sophisticated vibe, one has to say, “c’est tres chic!”

Long Lob

Long Bob Hair

For those who wish to channel their professional chicness with a medium-length hairdo, as the best hair salon in Coral Gables, Miami, we recommend a long lob with sharp razor edges.

Remember, you can always stop by Avalon Salon in Coral Gables to get a free consultation and some great tips to get a professional and sexy look!

Ready for a change?

Book your appointment here or call to (305) 445-2631

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